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FAQ #2

I loved 1957, your Alternate History short story that was the lead story in the 2022 anthology No Game for Knights. The anthology says 1957 is an excerpt from your "forthcoming" novel 1957- Distant Lightning. When will it be "forthcoming?"

Based on reader reactions, a blonde, an American nightclub owner with a shadowy past, Nazis, and airplanes remains a terrific recipe. But Distant Lightning remains a work in progress, with no publication date yet.

However, another excerpt from the novel, 1957- The Dark Side of Paradise, will appear in the Anthology Down these Mean Streets, which is scheduled for release from Baen Books in hardcover and e-book in January, 2024.

Meantime, if you're a fan of physical books, but like 'em smaller and cheaper, Baen Books just released the Knights anthology in mass market paperback.


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