My Enemy's Enemy: "Plausible, terrifying, and entertaining"

The Galveston Daily News says My Enemy's Enemy "skillfully mixes actual history with might-have-been to create a plausible, terrifying, and entertaining…subcritical mass of 'Schindler’s List,' 'The Sum of All Fears,' and an Indiana Jones movie [slammed] together with enough force to start a self-sustaining chain reaction." Here, an image of a pair of 1945 Horten 229 "Flying Wing" fighters. One example of My Enemy's Enemy's mix of actual history and might have been.

D-Day and My Enemy's Enemy

Take a moment today to listen to a D-Day vet's story, while you still can. In my just-released novel My Enemy's Enemy, Smithsonian fledgling aviation historian Cass Gooding’s boss challenges her to unearth the story behind a World War II aviation relic, before the people who can tell its story die. Cass's quest exposes more than she bargained for: An explosive secret that may still shake the world, and cost a million lives, including her own. This ground-attack version DeHavilland Mosquito was photographed on D-Day Eve being armed, and painted with "Invasion Stripes," that would distinguish friendly planes from foes during the impending battle. A Mosquito figures heavily in My Enemy's Enemy.


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