Updated Radio Tour Interview Schedule

Concurrent with The Golden Gate's release, I have been (and may still be) coming to your town - or at least to a radio near you - to discuss with local personalities whether you (or they) would really want to live forever. If you listen in Atlanta, Calgary, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Gainesville/Ocala/Orlando, Los Angeles, Little Rock, Minneapolis, Montreal, Ottawa, Phoenix, Seattle, St. Louis, or Sioux City, you've already heard me or missed me. Here's an updated list of yet-to-come nationally syndicated electronic stops that air in those cities and many more: February 27, 2017 9:00 pm Eastern, 6:00 pm Pacific, KFNS 590-AM, with Rob McConnell on the X-Zone Radio Show February 28, 2017 7:06

Great New Free Story

My new short story The Trouble With Millennials is now featured free online at Baen's website. Yes, there is a CV-22 Osprey. There is also sunbathing at Lake Michigan in February, teenagers with steel teeth, and exploding rabbits.

What's The Golden Gate about?

Well, Publisher's Weekly says The Golden Gate "reverberates with echoes of current concerns over biomedical ethics, religion, and political machinations." It "brings up...interesting ideas about life extension and the implications of technological advances," and "The lavishly detailed narrative...underlying mystery and unpredictability keep the pages turning." That's plenty, but there's more. Much more and in a couple of weeks readers can make up their own minds.


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