A Fantastic Beast and Where to Find an Autographed One

If you buy your books brick and mortar, you can find The Golden Gate wherever books are sold (well, maybe not at Kroger's checkout alongside The Enquirer). If your favorite bookseller is Barnes & Noble, and your store is mega enough to feature a central "New Arrivals" table, that table is where you will find The Golden Gate. Like it is on the table in this photo. If your store's in Metro Atlanta, like the one in the photo on Cobb Parkway near Cumberland Mall, chances are I've been there and autographed it, like these copies. In other stores, and later at most stores, you'll find The Golden Gate featured at New in Science Fiction. Unless they're sold out. Don't worry. We'll make more.

Hear my January 11 extended interview anytime on the Baen Free Radio Hour.

I talked with Tony Daniel and Baen publisher Toni Weisskopf about The Golden Gate, and my related short story The Trouble With Millennials , and about other topics SF and literary live on January 11, and our talk is now a couple clicks away anytime on Baen's website. Two of the scenes below actually occur in The Golden Gate. The pre-Godzilla Kaiju mega octopus is a Roy Harryhausen classic, from 1953's less classic It Came From Beneath The Sea.

On Thursday, January 12, You Asked Me Anything on reddit.com...200 times, for 16 hours! And you stil

Visit reddit.com if you want to read all or part of my "AMA" session on January 12, 2017. And if you want to join in and Ask Me Anything anytime during the next six months the link is still live and the coversation continues. Some highlights: my answers to 'how do I get published?' and 'what are your tips for good writing?' And an unexpected visit from the Russian translator who translated my debut bestseller Orphanage into Russian...and what we both learned that surprised the **** out of us.


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