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Nationally best-selling author Robert Buettner was a Quill Award nominee for Best New Writer of 2005, and his debut novel, Orphanage, called “a classic of modern military science fiction,” was a Quill nominee for Best SF/Fantasy/Horror novel of 2004. Orphanage and its seven follow-on novels have been compared favorably to the works of Robert Heinlein.

My Enemy’s Enemy is his tenth novel, and his first historical techno-thriller.


He has been a National Science Foundation Fellow in Paleontology, has prospected for minerals in the Sonoran Desert along the Rio Grande and in Alaska, served as a U.S. Army Intelligence Officer, as a director of the Southwestern Legal Foundation, has practiced law in Colorado, twelve other states, five foreign countries, and served as General Counsel of a unit of one of the United States’ largest private companies.


Certified as an underwater diver, he was elected as an undergraduate to the academic history honorary society Phi Alpha Theta, and has climbed and hiked the Rockies from Alberta to Colorado. He currently lives in Georgia with his family and more bicycles than a grownup needs.


Picture is of Buettner as Alaskan prospector, with mineral specimen and .357 magnum for grizzly protection.  Used once, the pistol confirmed the Big Bang Theory, as bear and author then moved in opposite directions at almost the speed of light.



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