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"Impressive...highly recommended" and, finally, just one month from Pub date

On June 4, 2019 My Enemy's Enemy finally appears in brick-and-mortar stores, online orders will ship, and ebooks can be downloaded.

The cover quote, "Finely researched and gripping, as well as incredibly well-written," from best selling, much-decorated author Brendan DuBois, will differ from the quote on this advance reviewers' copy cover.

Why? Because My Enemy's Enemy is not my usual science fiction, it's a mainstream techno-thriller. And Brendan knows a thing or two about those. As of last week Brendan held down 5th place on both the New York Times Hardcover and Paperback Best-seller lists with two separate mainstream thriller/mystery titles, co-written with James Patterson, and Brendan writing solo has also authored a truckload of best-selling and much-awarded fiction.

Brendan's full text quote:

"In today's publishing world, techno-thrillers are a proverbial dime-a-dozen. But besides being finely researched and gripping, 'My Enemy's Enemy' is incredibly well-written. Primarily known for his science fiction novels, Robert Buettner changes pace with this impressive and highly-recommended novel."


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