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Now for something entirely different...

I find zombie fiction's premise so preposterous that one would only write it on a dare.

Fellow Baen author John Ringo did, too. So he dared himself. And when John applies his irresistible talent to anything, well...his resultant Black Tide Rising series, about a terrorist's irresistible bathtub virus that brings about THE FALL of civilization went, um, viral.

So, when I was invited (dared?) to contribute a story to John's Voices of The Fall anthology, resistance was futile.

My story, The Species as Big as The Ritz, draws its inspiration from F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1922 Novella The Diamond as Big as The Ritz. Fitzgerald is not remembered for his zombie fiction, so right there you know Species is a bit of an outlier in this anthology.

Voices of The Fall will appear in hardback at brick and mortar stores, and electronically, in March 2019.


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