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Great Reviews are always welcome; Sometimes so are spoilers

If you're not a regular science fiction reader, and many of The Golden Gate's readers aren't, you may be unfamiliar with Tangent, the SF & Fantasy genre's premier review publication since 1993.

Happily, Tangent calls The Golden Gate an "entertaining, thought-provoking read smartly told with an eye toward story first, by an author who has blended the corporate detective thriller with just the right touches of SF, history, and science to reveal a secret that grounds the story squarely in the genre heartland where resides that illusive and oft-sought Sense of Wonder."

So here's the scoop straight from the author's mouth: Yes, The Golden Gate is a "corporate detective thriller," with "touches of history," but it is also what's known in science fiction as a "first contact" story. Other first contact stories you may have heard of? The War of the Worlds, ET, Independence Day, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and many, many more including my own 2004 Quill Award nominated Orphanage. Why do I mention it? Because it's not obvious at first, on purpose.


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